Insana Cranes chooses Link-Belt for heavy lift

By Katherine Weir07 June 2016

The Link-Belt ATC-3275 all terrain crane lifting a girder in Pennsylvania, USA

The Link-Belt ATC-3275 all terrain crane lifting a girder in Pennsylvania, USA

Pennsylvania, USA-based Insana Towing and Crane Service used its new Link-Belt ATC-3275 all terrain crane to lift a 73 tonne girder and a 60.7 tonne idler girder at North American Forgemasters (NAF) in New Castle, Pennsylvania.

The two girders, plus a 56.2 tonne trolley, also placed using the ATC-3275, comprise a 172.4 tonne overhead crane installed as part of an expansion at NAF. The new overhead crane occupies a space that supports a 10,000 tonne Italian open die forging press that can process ingots weighing up to 100 tonnes.

Rick Insana, founder of Insana Towing and Crane Service, said, “Each machine has its own character and it’s important for the operator to get to know them, and work with them to get the desired result. That outcome is the use of a smooth machine, capable of reaching its capacity in a safe manner. After making this lift, I’m happy with my choice of the ATC-3275.”

The large bay for housing the overhead crane and press was left unfinished, notably the roof and trusses on the south end, allowing for the Link-Belt crane boom tip to be unimpeded during the crane assembly.

Ground-to-truss height was 26.8 metres. The ATC-3275's boom length was 27.1 m for the lifts, without needing to move the crane once in position with all its counterweight, including the cheek modules. All 70.9 tonnes of counterweight was used.

Insana continued, “The crane really was stable for the heavy picks. I especially liked the ability to view the screen showing both winches at all times from the on board cameras. Particularly as to how much cable I have left on my spools when working with the 10 part line, or even determining what part line I need for the trolley hoists. That is especially true on the first layer and third rap indicator. It’s reassuring to actually be able to see and know what is going on with the cable at all times.”

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