Laso in $10 million Nooteboom deal

02 April 2015

LASO Transportes SA takes delivery of six Nooteboom super wing carriers

LASO Transportes SA takes delivery of six Nooteboom super wing carriers

Laso Transportes from Malveira in Portugal has taken delivery of six Nooteboom super wing carriers and a number of extendable 4-axle semi-low loader trailers.

The order is part of a €9 million (US$ 9.7 million) investment, which has seen the addition of 70 Nooteboom trailers and a Mercedes SLT to the company’s fleet, a spokesperson said. The super wing carriers will be used for transporting ultra-long rotor blades.

Paulo Franco, LASO Transportes managing director, said, “For us the choice for Nooteboom SWC Super Wing Carrier was clear. It is simply the best transport solution for the transport of long rotor blades. To us the outstanding manoeuvrability, flexibility and stability are invaluable, enabling us to carry out the transports in the most efficient way. In spite of the huge dimensions of the wings, with the SWC we are able to deliver the wing to any unloading site. The fact that this semi-trailer is extremely easy to operate makes it a firm favourite with our drivers too.”

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