Lavendon to hold safety seminar for major customers

By Patrick Hill13 January 2009

Lavendon Access Services in the UK will host a health and safety seminar focused on powered access in February. The day-long event targets Lavendon's 50-largest customers and is part of a health and safety initiative launched in November 2008.

The event echoes the theme of Lavendon's two-year programme: Safety starts with you. "The seminar will introduce the key issues and challenges faced by the industry and provide a forum for debate," said the company, market leader in access rental in the UK.

Seminar topics include: innovation to improve safety, site knowledge on MEWP use, ‘corporate homicide', and materials handling at height. Workshops, which will provide attendee interaction, will follow the seminar.

The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents, largest UK health and safety charity in the UK, is an advisor to Lavendon. The Health and Safety Executive also contributes to the programme, which focuses on a different issue each calendar quarter.

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