Lithium Hinowa sale

29 March 2016

Access to the hotel courtyard required a compact machine

Access to the hotel courtyard required a compact machine

Cannon Access bought the Hinowa Lightlift 20.10 Performance IIIS Lithium tracked boom lift.

Sold by Access Platform Sales at the end of last year, it is the latest addition to a growing fleet of Hinowa tracked booms for the AWP rental company.

Thomas Cannon, director of Cannon Access, said, “We have gained several advantages by opting for Lithium-Ion technology on our newest 20.10.

“The benefits include reducing trip hazards by eliminating the need for trailing leads when working inside; and happier customers due to dramatically lower noise on site over diesel machines – this includes getting jobs which had not previously been possible before due to noise restraints.

“Perhaps the greatest gain is the reduced operator costs due to the massive speed increase over 110v/230v power. We have saved one to two hours on several jobs compared to previous hires where we used mains power.”

In February, Cannon Access rented the machine to Plantforce, which required access to replant window boxes in the courtyard of an exclusive London hotel. The hotel had stipulated a noise and emissions-free machine.

The Hinowa 20.10’s compact stowed dimensions of 0.79m and a low weight of 2,800kg enabled access through the hotel. A tight outrigger footprint of less than 3m x 3m was required as the machine had to set up in between planters and an outside dining area.

Thomas added: “The route to the job site and the available space for setting up in the courtyard required a really compact machine. It also had to provide a great working envelope and be virtually silent, so as not to disturb guests.

“Plantforce found the battery to be very good. They could get away with only charging the machine every other night (or whilst working) but charged it every evening as a precaution.

“In fact, we have not managed to use more than 50% of the battery capacity on any single day jobs so far, although if we need to charge whilst working it is no problem - it will actually charge faster than we can use the power! I was told to expect around five hours of battery life from constant use - from our experience this appears to be true, even conservative.”

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