Mammoet PTC 120/160 DS update

By Alex Dahm09 November 2010

A rendering of Mammoet's PTC 120 DS in a nuclear power plant application

A rendering of Mammoet's PTC 120 DS in a nuclear power plant application

Dutch heavy lift and transport giant Mammoet is building three units of the new super heavy lift lattice boom ring cranes first reported in IC August 2009, page 12.

They are now jointly designated PTC 120/160 DS. "We can convert them to either a 120 or a 160 depending on the job," explained Jan van Seumeren Jr, chief technical officer at Mammoet. "We are on track regarding the production schedule. The first crane will begin testing at the beginning of 2011," van Seumeren continued.

In early November the testing programme was being defined for the new cranes. “As we are building three we can spread the testing of the configurations over three cranes but for sure we have to do quite some testing,” van Seumeren explained.

To accommodate the new cranes and further expansion of the heavy lift and transport business, Mammoet has acquired an 8 hectare undeveloped harbour site in the Netherlands. In 2011 Mammoet will develop a third multi-purpose terminal at the site which is on the Axel Plain (Axelse Vlakte) at Autrichehaven in Westdorpe, near Terneuzen. The site will be used for testing the three new super heavy lift PTC cranes. It will also include a 300 metre quay to receive vessels of up to 12.50 metres draft.

Mammoet already has two other terminals: The Heavy Lift Terminal in Schiedam, Rotterdam with a 20,000 m² storage area and a Multi-Purpose Terminal (like the new one also in Westdorpe) which has a covered storage capacity of 8,000 m² and an outdoor storage area of 15,000 m².

See the December issue of IC for more on this and other heavy lifting news.

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