Milan museum takes Galizia pick-and-carry

By Euan Youdale22 March 2010

A Galizia G20 moves ancient artefacts at Milan Cathedral's museum

A Galizia G20 moves ancient artefacts at Milan Cathedral's museum

Milan Cathedral museum has taken delivery of a 2 tonne capacity Galizia G20 pick-and-carry crane to load and handle works of art dating back to the 14th century.

Venranda Fabbrica Del Duomo Di Milano, the organisation responsible for the upkeep of the Cathedral and its nearby museum, will use the electric crane during the museum's two year refurbishment. The museum will remain closed until the work is complete.

Galizia, based in Italy, said the G20, launched in 2008, was chosen for its compactness and its smooth and precise movements - a necessity when handling ancient sculptures and paintings.

"I'm very happy that this company has reconfirmed the trust in the Galizia company for this delicate work. It purchased the G90 last year and now has purchased the G20," said Fabio Galizia Vercelli.

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