New asphlat equipment from Ammann

By Helen Wright18 March 2013

Prime 140 is the mobile version of Ammann’s continuous asphalt mixing plants

Prime 140 is the mobile version of Ammann’s continuous asphalt mixing plants

Ammann's focus for Bauma is on the launch of the Stage IIIB/Tier 4 motorised compaction machines in the field of heavy ride-on rollers, as well as completely new mixing plant concepts for high proportions of reclaimed asphalt or highly mobile applications.

New launches include its first ever 9-tonne roller with pivot steering. The ARX 90 is currently available with Stage IIIB/Tier 4 interim engines, and Tier 3A motorisation will become available during the course of 2013.

Ammann said the ARP 95 represented the flagship of its asphalt roller line. It said a highly-efficient compaction output, and broad and flexible area of application was offered by this tandem roller model from the 9-tonne class.

The new AFT 270 is the most compact track finisher in its range. The 3.5 tonne compact finisher is equipped with a new, gas or electric-powered ramming and vibrating screed for maximum pre-compaction and top asphalt quality, said Ammann.

The new Rammax 1575 CI articulated trench roller is the articulated counterpart to its Rammax 1515 skid-steered trench roller.

One area that Ammann is particularly concentrating on is the re-use of old asphalt – also known as reclaimed asphalt (RA). The company claimed to offer tailor-made, high-quality solutions for every aspect of preserving resources.

It offers various solutions depending on how much RA is added to the mix. Adding cold RA directly to the mixer is recommended for smaller quantities of up to 30%. The RAH 50 ring drum is described as the right choice for customised feed quantities up to 50%. The parallel drum is said to be best suited for adding larger quantities of hot asphalt up to 60%, while the RAH 100 concept is designed for even larger quantities.

Ammann’s new UniBatch asphalt mixing plant range will be at Bauma. It said the plant incorporated flexibility, extendibility and a larger selection of variants. It focuses on modularity, energy efficiency and reduced emissions.

Prime 140, also new, is the mobile version of Ammann’s continuous asphalt mixing plants. All continuous asphalt mixing plants from Ammann are equipped with a continuously-running two-shaft paddle mixer.

One of the special features of the Prime 140 is a controllable outlet gate that enables the filling height and, therefore, the mixing time to be set depending on recipe and output. The outlet gate also reduces losses during plant relocation and commissioning/decommissioning, said Ammann.

Its EasyBatch II is designed specifically for top mobility and a high output. The completely autonomous asphalt mixing plant produces asphalt at a continuous output rate of 140 tonnes/h. It comes pre-assembled on two trailers and can be set up without a crane.

The Universal is a batch asphalt mixing plant that has been tried and tested for many years, according to Ammann. With the new Universal HRT, the integration of the parallel drum system directly above the mixer is said to optimise the material flow and keep the wear inside the recycling system to a bare minimum.

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