New ISO standards to improve crane safety

By Alex Dahm16 April 2009

Three new ISO standards on crane inspections aim to reduce the risk of accidents and property damage.

The objective of the first is a uniformly high competency of crane inspectors worldwide. ISO 23814:2009, Cranes - Competency requirements for crane inspectors specifies the required competency of people who carry out periodic, exceptional, alteration and thorough inspections of cranes. It excludes day-to-day inspection and checks done by crane operators and maintenance personnel. Issues addressed are: independence; impartiality and integrity; technical knowledge and experience; techniques for crane inspection; and training of crane inspectors.

The two other standards point out that for safe operation cranes need to have their proper working and operational conditions maintained. All cranes must be inspected to detect unsafe conditions so they can be rectified. Crane users or owners are responsible for the inspections.

ISO 9927-1:2009, Cranes - Inspections - Part 1: General specifies the inspections to be carried out on cranes in general. It excludes inspections carried out prior to first use. The five areas covered are: inspection; methods of inspection; inspection personnel; precautions for inspection; and results of inspection.

ISO 9927-3:2005, Cranes - Inspections - Part 3: Tower cranes specifies regular inspections to be carried out on tower cranes. It covers daily, frequent, periodic and thorough inspections.

According to ISO "the progressive introduction of new International Standards and the regular review of existing ones will have a direct and positive effect on general safety by reducing potential hazards, as well as helping to remove technical barriers to the international trade in cranes."

The new standards were developed by ISO technical committee ISO/TC 96, Cranes, subcommittee SC 5, Use, operation and maintenance. They are available from ISO national member institutes or from the ISO Central Secretariat or through the ISO Store or by contacting Sonia Rosas Friot in the marketing and communication department on T: + 41 22 7490336, F: +41 22 7490947, E: sales@iso.or

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