New truck crane trio from Tadano

23 February 2012

Tadano’s HK 40 truck crane

Tadano’s HK 40 truck crane

Tadano will launch three new truck crane models in 2012, each aimed at different regions of the world.

The HK 65, aimed at Europe, is in the 65 to 70 tonne lifting capacity class, while the 70 US ton (64 tonne) capacity GS-770XL is designed for the Brazilian market and the GT-600EX is set to meet Australian bridge regulations, while carrying counterweight.

Further information was unavailable for the latter two models at the time of writing but details will follow. The HK 65 joins the manufacturer's HK European series. It has a gross weight of under 32 tonnes and offers a 41 metre boom, with a 5.5 tonne lifting capacity at 20 m radius.

All accessories can be legally transported with the crane and, if legislation is less restrictive, the HK series can transport its full counterweight, although this would exceed the 32 tonne gross weight.

"The series provides the possibility to adapt the superstructure of the HK series to the preferred model of each company, for example, Mercedes, MAN, Scania, Volvo, DAF," said Thomas Schramm, Tadano general manager sales and marketing, " This may further enhance fleet and service management in the individual fleet of the customer."

HK crane carrier cabins can also be specified as sleeper cabs, "This allows the drivers to have a comfortable rest from a hard day's work and provides the opportunity of a completely new routing concept," explained Schramm, "Instead of returning back to depots after finishing the job, cranes can go to the next job. This reduces mileage and allows efficient use of the equipment during busy times."

When comparing the truck crane series to all terrains, Schramm said the HKs are designed for very high mileage and low operating costs. "While other specially designed [all terrain] carriers for cranes do not have the high volume their depreciation over time is much faster. Considering that the HK cranes' superstructure depreciation is much slower, the total economic lifetime of the combination of conventional truck with crane shall be longer, adding to the economic benefit of such an investment," added Schramm.

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