New vision for Jerusalem city

By Becca Wilkins08 May 2009

A master plan outlining a new vision for Jerusalem over the next 20 years has been proposed by city mayor, Nir Barkat.

The six key areas for municipal development include constructing affordable housing for young people, developing neighbourhoods in the eastern section of the city and creating five new city parks. Other goals include encouraging tourism and employment and conserving and preserving historic buildings.

Mr Barkat presented the final draft of the municipal plan - almost a decade in the making and the first in 50 years - to the Ministry of Interior's Jerusalem district planning and construction committee for review this week.

"The master plan is an important component of a strategic plan for the city for years to come," the mayor said in a statement.

"Since entering office, we have worked diligently to adjust the planning that was already in process in order to reflect our vision to stop the negative migration of residents from the city and to accelerate economic development in the coming years," he added.

The use of green construction techniques such as solar panelling and water recycling equipment are emphasised in the plan which also states that Jerusalem "will lead the vision of green construction" in Israel.

Other project details include the building of new industrial zones in order to encourage new businesses to the city and the construction of more than 13500 new homes in eastern neighbourhoods, plus a further 10000 for construction in 2030.

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