Ongrade and Visijax create collision warning jacket

By Helen Wright13 September 2016

UK machine and safety technology specialist OnGrade has collaborated Visijax to create new high-visibility jackets which light up to warn the wearer and oncoming vehicles of collision risk.

Visijax smart jackets and vests are manufactured by Visijax, part of the Wearable Technologies group of companies. They feature Ongrade’s SiteZone Radio-frequency identification (RFID) proximity warning alarm system imbedded in the clothing.

Designed for sites and depots with a lot of machinery and worker activity, these washable electronics contain a two-way RFID warning device; transmitters contained in both the vehicle and the worker’s high visibility jacket or vest communicate with each other, providing a full 360o detection zone and the ability to see around corners.

An on-board receiver on the machine detects the location of RFID tag-wearing personnel and alerts the driver and worker to each other’s presence to prevent a collision between the two.

Visijax goes one step further and adds a visual dimension to the proximity warning system so the wearer is instantly warned and identifiable by vibration, sight, and by sound.

Well-suited to low-lit environments or night-time conditions, there are RFID tags, washable LEDs (Light Emitting Diodes) and electronics inserted into the jacket.

When the jacket is detected by an RFID transponder in a site vehicle, the jacket’s LEDs illuminate to make the pedestrian visible and alert them to imminent collision risk with that vehicle. Not only is the person visible to active vehicle operators but to other pedestrians as well.

Gary Escott, director of Ongrade, said, “Once again we are pushing the boundary of anti-collision protection by collaborating with Visijax on the new proximity warning garments. Through practical need and creative technology, we’ve found yet another way to reduce the risk of pedestrian/vehicle collision across several sectors of operation.”

Mark Bernstein, CEO of Wearable Technologies comments, “The flexibility of our wearable technology as ‘personal hubs’ makes this partnership between the Visijax and SiteZone a perfect match for anti-collision safety. This is just the first step in making proximity warning safety wear smarter and more efficient.”

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