Playground lift with GGR

10 November 2016

The UNIC URW 706 spider crane from GGR

The UNIC URW 706 spider crane from GGR

A Unic URW-706 spider crane from GGR has been commissioned to help build a space themed child’s playground at Heaton Park, Manchester, UK.

The job was completed by lifting in three separate pieces. First, the 706 was used to take the weight of the centre column which formed the main part of the structure. The cylinder, weighing 550 kilogrammes, had to be carefully manoeuvred into place.

It was then time for the UFO to take full shape, with the top piece weighing 650 kg being lifted into place.

Finally, the park slide was lifted into place in two pieces measuring 7 metres and 9m, and weighing up to 400 kg each.

The Unic URW-706 is a mini-crane capable of handling loads of 6 tonnes to a radius of 3 m and a height of 7.2 m. An optional searcher hook and a 3.1 m long fly jib help deliver a maximum hook height of 22.7 m. The 706 can be controlled from the operator’s driving seat, or by a radio remote control.

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