Refurbished replacement

By Christian Shelton29 March 2017

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When Netherlands-based De Gerlien van Tiem Shipyard (De Gerlien) needed a new crane to replace its 26-year-old Potain crane that had reached the end of its lifecycle, it was advised by crane servicing company Lamberts BV not to buy a new crane but purchase a refurbished crane from Manitowoc’s EnCORE programme. De Gerlien took the advice and bought a refurbished Potain GTMR 386 B self-erecting tower crane.

The Potain GTMR 386 B, which was originally manufactured in 2003, was refurbished as part of Manitowoc’s EnCORE programme at the company’s Charlieu factory in France. According to Manitowoc, the EnCORE programme helps to extend the lifetime of cranes by repairing, rebuilding and remanufacturing them. This applies to all the crane’s operational components, too. The programme is designed to help customers maximise their return on investment, says Manitowoc. During its refurbishment, the entire structure of the GTMR 386 B was shot-blasted, cleaned and repainted. Its control system was overhauled, all mechanical and electrical components were repaired or replaced, and it was tested for complete functionality.

In January 2017, the crane was delivered to De Gerlien by the Manitowoc Used Crane department and set up by the local Manitowoc Crane Care team. The team used the deck of a service ship designed for large-scale operations in order to achieve this. The Manitowoc Netherlands technicians also dismantled the company’s old crane that was being replaced.

According to Frans van Tiem, the refurbished crane’s new owner, “The lift capacity of the Potain GTMR 386 B makes it an ideal replacement for the crane we’re retiring. In addition to its other impressive specifications and favourable price, this crane is a perfect fit for our shipyard. Manitowoc’s EnCORE program refurbished it at the company’s French crane production plant to a very high standard, and the one-year warranty is a big plus. The durability of this crane is impressive, and the work done to refurbish it - particularly the shot-blasting and painting - is outstanding. I’d also like to thank Manitowoc’s team in the Netherlands that provided exemplary service throughout the sale. We have a Potain H30/40 that needs to be replaced within a few years. The first thing I’ll do when we have to replace it is find out whether Manitowoc has another premium, refurbished crane solution.”

After several weeks in operation, De Gerlien reports that the refurbished crane is operating perfectly. The refurbished crane comes with a one-year warranty and joins the company’s fleet of seven other tower cranes.

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