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25 April 2008

Site Guide Box Set published by CIRIA

Site Guide Box Set published by CIRIA

CIRIA has launched a new site guide box set containing real-life case studies, advice on legislation and regulations, guidance to improve performance, tool box talks, management and planning information and practical diagrams.

Aimed at site managers and training managers, the box set contains seven CIRIA site good practice guides, including: Environmental good practice; on site; Site health handbook; Site safety handbook; Site safety for the water industry; Coastal and marine environmental site guide; Working with wildlife; and Crane stability on site. The box set is also a practical tool for keeping all site employees up-to-date with essential on-site issues and ensuring that they make correct decisions at work.

To find out more about CIRIA’s site guide box set visit www.ciriabooks.com or contact CIRIA, Classic House, 174-180 Old Street, London EC1V 9BP UK. Telephone: +44 20 7549 3300; email: enquiries@ciria.org

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