Scheuerle trailers to deliver for BigMove

16 January 2017

Scheuerle EuroAxle trailer

Scheuerle EuroAxle trailer

BigMove has expanded its fleet in Europe with the addition of 12 new Scheuerle EuroAxle trailers from Tii Sales.

The BigMove network is a group of 13 medium sized company locations in Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, Austria and Poland.

The EuroAxle trailers are claimed to be maintenance-free. A benefit of their independent suspension is better tyre wear.

Horst Wallek, managing director at BigMove member Wallek Spezialtransporte, said, “Through the use of structurally identical Scheuerle EuroAxle vehicles, we are able to distribute transport assignments among the member companies in the event of any bottlenecks. Approval processes are also simplified.” The new vehicles will be used for Europe-wide special transports as 5 or 7-axle vehicles depending on whether or not a 2-axle bogie unit is suspended on the telescopic beam.

Joachim Kolb, Tii Sales market research and development, said, “The Scheuerle EuroAxle can play its trump cards to the full regarding the high level of reliability in continuous operation. Thanks to the linear stroke, there is no faulty camber and no track offset; in the construction, we dispensed with the need for lubrication points throughout - this results in unrivalled, extremely low, tyre wear and makes the system virtually maintenance-free.”

These trailers also boast high ground clearance and low unsprung weight for maximum smoothness on the road. All the hydraulic lines are pipe so there are no hose changes and hose breakage is impossible, a Scheuerle spokesperson said.

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