Sell-off provisions

24 April 2008

The Stage IIIA Laws Include a 'Sell-Off' Provision, Which Recognises That market uncertainties mean engine makers may still be holding previously built stock that complies with the old laws after the introduction of the new Stage. The provision allows them to place 'old stage' engines on the market for up to two years after the implementation date of the new stage. The key requirement is the engine must have been manufactured prior to the new law's implementation date.

As with the laws themselves, the sell-off provision works by powerband. For example, Stage IIIA takes effect from 1st January 2006 for 130 to 560 kW. Stage II engines in this powerband can therefore be sold until 31 December 2007, provided they were manufactured before 31 December 2005. The two year sell-off period for the other powerbands runs from the implementation date of that particular part of the law.

• For more details, see the October 2005 edition of CE, or visit CECE's website, to download its guide to the sell-off provisions.

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