Indian bridge construction specialist, S. P. Singla Constructions, used its Scheuerle SPMT PowerHoss 330 modules for manoeuvring 175 tonne prefabricated concrete elements on the new Mahatma Gandhi Bridge construction site.

Scheuerle SPMT PowerHoss carrying a section of the Mahatma Gandhi bridge The Scheuerle SPMT PowerHoss is crucial to the construction of the new Mahatma Gandhi Bridge in Patna. (Photo: TII Scheuerle)

From its Bawal facility, TII India is providing support through a range of services including assisting the construction company’s vehicle operators during building operations.

The Mahatma Gandhi Bridge connects the metropolis of Patna on the southern bank of the Ganges River with the city of Hajipur on the northern side, and is one of the most important vehicle routes in the north-eastern Indian state of Bihar. However, the more than 40-year-old structure could no longer accommodate the high volume of traffic. As a result, the Indian Ministry of Transport commissioned SP Singla Constructions to build a four-lane, 5.6 kilometre long prestressed concrete bridge parallel to the existing structure.

Transport work

The construction company not only uses modern technologies when building bridges but also relies on innovative transport solutions when it comes to transportation requirements.

Scheuerle Power Hoss modules heading for the launcher Coupled laterally here, two PowerHoss modules are transporting 175 tonne bridge segments to the girder launcher. (Photo: TII Scheuerle)

To transport the individual concrete segments for the new bridge, the company chose self propelled modular transporter (SPMT). Each SPMT module had six axle lines which provides a load-bearing capacity of 330 tonnes.

For safely transporting the prefabricated components to the so-called girder launcher, two module transporters were coupled side-by-side. A special bridge crane then positioned the prefabricated parts in the designated area of the bridge.

Rohit Singla and Rajeev Kumar Singh with TII area manager of sales Jannick Mathieu From left to right. SP Singla Constructions management Rohit Singla and Rajeev Kumar Singh with TII area manager of sales Jannick Mathieu at bauma 2022. (Photo: TII Scheuerle)

The decision in favour of the Scheuerle SPMT PowerHoss 330 was taken at the last bauma exhibition in 2022.

SPMT choice

With the PPU drive unit (Power Pack Unit) integrated into the transport platform, the SPMT PowerHoss can be used immediately whilst the operator only requires a very short instruction period.

Due to the compact module dimensions, the PowerHoss is suited for moving loads in tunnels, galleries and hall areas where space for manoeuvring is very limited. In addition, it can be operated on different surfaces, outdoors or in production halls – regardless whether the road surface is made of gravel, asphalt, concrete or similar materials.

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