The new eight-axle Tadano ATF 600G-8

The new eight-axle Tadano ATF 600G-8

Tadano launched its Triple Boom system on a new eight-axle 600 tonne capacity all terrain crane during a customer event at its factory near Nürnberg in Germany.

The new ATF 600G-8 has a 15.3 to 56 metre boom, 24 to 90 m boom extension and a maximum working radius of 104 m. Efficient transport is a primary benefit of the Triple Boom system because end users do not need to transport a boom suspension system, the manufacturer said.

The Triple-Boom system has three telescopic tubes, designed to increase torsional stiffness. “It’s pure physics,” the manufacturer explained. “The further away the materials of a load bearing structure are from the centre of that structure's cross section, the more stable the overall system will be.

“It is precisely this principle that we employed in our new Triple Boom system. The mass of the total amount of available steel is no longer distributed in just one main boom but, instead, between another two telescopic tubes connected by what we refer to as partitions. These tubes are further away from the centre of the system’s cross section, which makes the overall system much more stable than a conventional single telescopic boom system.”

Alexander Knecht, Tadano chairman of the managing board, said, “The Triple Boom System brings with it some major economic operative benefits for crane owners.”

The ATF 600G-8 is also fitted with an asymmetric outrigger base control and has the Hello-Net fleet management system. Andreas Hofmann, Tadano development project manager said, “We wanted our ATF 600G-8 to break new ground. That’s why we gave it some other new technical features alongside the Triple Boom system… [including] the next-generation AML crane control system, the Asymmetrical Outrigger Base Control and our two engine concept.”

The ATF 600G-8 is powered by two Mercedes Benz Euromot 4 engines. A 460 kW (626 HP) unit is in the carrier and a 260 kW (354 HP) engine in the superstructure is for crane operations.

The new range-topping crane is 21.7 m long, 3 m wide and 3.93 m high. Its transport weight of 96 tonnes keeps it within the 12 tonne per axle limit.

Thomas Schramm, Tadano general manager sales and marketing, said, “The ATF 600G-8 is the result of close collaboration with our customers. We have been able to design this new crane to fulfil [their] requirements exactly.”


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