Terex event marks new focus

12 November 2010

The new 160 tonne-metre Challenger 3160 all terrain crane in the 55 tonne capacity class

The new 160 tonne-metre Challenger 3160 all terrain crane in the 55 tonne capacity class

A 160 tonne-metre three-axle all terrain crane is the first in a comprehensive range of new and rebranded models from Terex Cranes. Euan Youdale reports from the Terex Customer Days event in Zweibrücken, Germany where the model was launched.

The Challenger 3160 is a one-man, taxi crane with 50 m boom in the 55 tonne capacity class. Self contained within the 12 tonne per axle weight limit, it will lift 35.6 tonnes at 4 m radius. Where axle load limits are 10 tonnes, the crane can de-rig its own counterweight for an all up weight of less than 30 tonnes.

Carrier width is 2.55 m and it has the new cab design unveiled at April's Bauma exhibition in Germany. Anti-lock disc brakes and active all wheel steering help manoeuvrability and reduce tyre and brake wear. It has the IC-1 control system with an integrated range of functions, including load moment indicator, lifting charts, load limiter, fault indicator and data logger.

Launch is scheduled for early 2012. The crane was first shown at Terex Cranes' customer open days at its Zweibrücken facility in Germany on 21 October 2010. The two-day event was attended by more than 1,100 customers and partners from around the world.

Branching out

The 3160 is the first of what Terex says will be a number of new all terrains above and below three axles in the new Challenger series. Its nomenclature is also part of a new branding that will appear across the Terex range from now on. The first number in the model designation denotes the number of axles, in this case three. In a departure from recent practice, the remaining numbers indicate the tonne-metre rating, in this case 160 tonne-metres, instead of a maximum capacity rating in tonnes.

According to the company, once the Challenger series is complete others will follow in the same branding style. The idea is to launch a new crane every six months.

A problem with the existing tonne capacity rating is that it can be misleading, for example, when cranes designated with a certain capacity level can equal the performance of other higher capacity models, according to Terex. Rüdiger Zollondz, global product manager, said the 1,000 tonne capacity rated AC 1000 is another example, as it provides the same lifting capabilities through the lifting chart as a 1,200 tonne capacity crane. The rough terrain range will also undergo a similar renaming process, added Zollondz, due to the different weights of the metric tonne and the US short ton.

New era

The new branding system accompanies a new era in customer-led design and engineering at the company, which Terex was keen to get across during its customer days event. "We have to look how we make things more economical and valuable to the customer," said Rick Nichols, Terex Cranes president.

As an example of the above, there will not be an option of a bi-fold jib for the Challenger 3160, unlike with previous cranes in that class. Instead, the 50 m boom will carry out all duties. Zollondz said customers tended not to use bi-fold jibs on these cases and only purchased them to add resale value in the future.

Another example is the 100 tonne capacity Roadmaster truck crane, launched in September, aimed at the European market. Again, it has been developed with customer needs in mind to offer a range of economical solutions. In addition to roadabililty, a bed has been installed in the cab to save on hotel room costs and for the operator to help deter criminals, for example, fuel thieves. Overall, Terex claimed an 80% saving in the cost of operation compared to a similar all terrain, including 50% less tyre wear and 25% less brake wear. At the time of writing in late October the crane was mounted on a Scania chassis but it will also be available on a Mercedes. This will allow operators in countries with higher axle load regulations to carry more counterweight.

And finally...

During the customer days event Terex also revealed that it is building a fifth CC 8800-1 Twin crawler crane. Such is the success of the 3,200 tonne machine, said Doug Friesen, Terex Cranes vice president and managing director, with enquiries from Russia and North America, plus continued potential in China, that the manufacturer is looking at ways of increasing production to be able to build more than one unit every year or so.

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