Theft prevention

20 March 2008

Kubota Uk Offers Its Anti-Theft System As Standard On Its Mini Excavators. The system is based on an individually programmed key for each machine that replaces the traditional universal starter key. The key has an identification code embedded in an electronic chip, which works in tandem with each excavators' immobiliser.

The key starts and stops the engine and also opens the machine's cab door, fuel filler cap and engine canopy. Without it, the fuel, hydraulic and electric systems are fully immobilised and any attempt to start the machine with an un-programmed key activates the system's alarm.

Building contractors G.E. & A.F. Silvester Ltd of Bishops Stortford, has experience of the security benefits the Anti-Theft system can bring. Having left a new 1,5 tonne KX36-3 canopied machine at a site for the weekend, a potential thief spent some considerable time trying to ‘hot wire' it. After failing to start the machine, the would-be thief fled the scene.

Company director, Andrew Silvester, commented, “The fact that the thief could not start the engine goes to show the value of the personalised security system.

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