Vanson's new luffer

20 March 2008

The LCL 20.1 hydraulic luffing tower crane was one of two new Vanson tower cranes on show at the UK's SED construction equipment exhibition. SED ran from 22 to 24 May at Rockingham, Northamptonshire, in the English Midlands.

Vanson described the LCL 20.1 as the smallest luffing jib tower crane on the UK market. It is designed for congested city centres and urban redevelopment areas where there is the requirement to avoid over-sailing other parties’airspace during operation.

Instead of a winch and wire rope, the new crane has an hydraulic luffing system to raise and lower the jib. Safety, efficiency and reliability are primary features, Vanson said. The hydraulic cylinder has a safety mechanism that can lock off in the event of a fault.

Maximum jib length is 20m, with a lift capacity of 1,000 kg at 20 m radius or 3,500 kg at a 3 m radius. All motions have inverter drives for smooth operation and reduced wear and tear on components. Control is via a hand-held radio remote with built-in safe load indication, including data relating to wind speed, radius, actual load and maximum permitted load at the set radius.

The LCL 20.1 can be mounted in a range of ways, including on a tower system or on its own feet on a concrete base at ground level. It can also be bolted onto steelwork or ballasted down on a base cross on the top of a building. Like conventional tower cranes it is erected on site using a mobile crane.

“We have recognised that there are many practical issues involved in operating on restricted sites”, said Trevor Vanson, managing director of Vanson Cranes Ltd., “so when we set about specifying this new crane we wanted it to incorporate the important features that would not only offer reliable and efficient operation, but also ensure that the customer gets low operating costs.”

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