Apex 70 high reach starts work in Detroit

14 July 2011

The Apex 70 high reach is a Cat/Jewell joint production

The Apex 70 high reach is a Cat/Jewell joint production

The first production machine in what will become a new high reach range designed specifically for the North American market has started work on an Adamo site in Detroit that will be the subject of a site report in our next issue. The Apex 70 is the result of a combination of a Cat 345C and a Jewell designed demolition boom, and offers a maximum reach of 30 m (98 ft) with a 3 tonne tool. A second lower boom is available at 25.5 m (84 ft) that can take a 4.4 tonne tool. The approach behind the new machine is along the same lines as that adopted for the Demlone line of machines in Europe.

Cat supplies a demolition specification carrier to Jewell, who then carries out the boom installation and other modifications that are required to turn the machine into a true high reach (heavier lift cylinders, additional counterweighting, cab protection, etc). Current plans are for the Apex 70 to be followed by the Apex 100, based on a 385 carrier, and then if, there is demand, the Apex 50 based on a 336 machine. Apex units will carry what Cat refers to as level two branding in addition to the Apex branding, namely Cat logos on each side and the counterweight but no Cat machine designations. D&Ri will report on the Apex approach in detail in the next issue.

The 385 is currently Cat's largest carrier, but the recent acquisition of Bucyrus will give it access to that company's line of mining shovels, which opens up the possibility of even larger Apex machines based on these carriers should there be demand.

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