Aspen replaces UB60 with more flexible A-62

24 April 2008

The new Aspen A-62 underbridge inspection model from Aspen Aerials replaces the previous UB60 models and provides some important additional features.

The machine provides a maximum horizontal reach of 62 ft (18.9 m), and key changes include a telescoping fourth boom that provides additional vertical access behind deep girders, and a 180 degree rotating platform to give workers better access in tight spaces (see above).

Another improvement on the UB60 is an adjustable turntable at the end of the second boom, rather than steel arms that kept it level when boom one was raised or lowered. John Stubenvoll, a vice president at Aspen, says the new automatic levelling system can be adjusted to the slope of the bridge; “If the truck is parked on a bridge with a 5 degree slope, the platform can be adjusted for the slope. In addition, this design provides additional fence and sidewalk clearance.”

The new machine has a 600 lb (278 kg) capacity and 40 in by 60 in (1 m by 1.5 m) cage, allowing three people to work simultaneously. Options in the cage include 110 v or 220 v power outlets, welding and pressure washing outlets, floodlights, dual 1500 w heaters, and a communication system to the bridge deck.

Aspen's range of underbridge units now comprises five models, the A-30, A-40, UB50, A-62 and A-75. The company is developing the A-50, which will replace the UB50.

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