Cramo ready for ‘big’ period

13 April 2017

Cramo CEO Leif Gustafsson

Cramo CEO Leif Gustafsson

Internal projects and in-depth analysis over the last 12 months has left Finnish rental company Cramo in a position to succeed over the next four years, according to CEO Leif Gustafsson.

IRN spoke to Mr Gustafsson, who revealed the company carried out a 72-hour race to innovation scheme, which saw its employees research the needs of its customers, in order to gain a better understanding of what they wanted.

He added that, after small but subtle changes over the last year, the company’s recently announced strategy – Shape & Share – was underway, with hopes of success to follow.

As part of the strategy, the company split its focus into two segments – equipment rental and modular space – and Mr Gustafsson said that they were two different types of rental, meaning it made sense to separate them.

“The reason for this is they’re both quite different. Equipment rental is conducted with huge depots and there are daily transactions,” he said. “They are a completely different customer.

“Modular space consists of longer-term agreements of, say, five years or more. Just addressing this tells us it’s a totally different market, with a clear start period and a clear end period. In terms of customers, more than 60% is to municipalities. The sensitivity is lower than equipment rental.”

Cramo’s CEO also talked up positive, forward-thinking attitudes, saying that this was the key to success. “We want to be the shapers, not the followers.”

You can read the full exclusive interview in the May issue of IRN.

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