MDF waste recycling ‘moves closer to reality’

17 January 2017

The world’s first technology to recycle MDF (medium-density fibreboard) waste has moved a step closer to reality.

United Kingdom-based MDF Recovery says it has successfully concluded proof of concept trials to develop a commercially viable process to recover wood fibre from waste MDF.

This follows more than six years’ research and development to create a technology offering the first alternative to landfill or burning MDF.

Britain alone disposes of around 350,000 t every year.

The solution generates a new raw material source for the wood/natural fibre industry that reduces the demand on standing forests. The recovered fibre is of the same high quality as virgin wood fibre and provides feedstock to the manufacturers of MDF board, insulation products and horticultural growing products.

MDF Recovery co-founder and managing director Craig Bartlett is now ready to take the proprietary technology to the commercial market.

Craig, who set up the business in 2009, said: “We have already begun discussions with a number of leading companies and organisations operating in the MDF production and waste industries. We look forward to progressing these during the early part of this year.

“The recycling process we have developed is a genuine world first. There is no other environmentally friendly alternative to the use of landfill or burning to dispose of MDF waste.

“Our technology can be retro-fitted or designed into new plants and offers a robust solution for reworking waste and increasing the yield at the MDF manufacturing facility. Zero waste production is now possible. The financial payback is dependent on the size of MDF plant but in larger plants is expected within 18 months.

“The technology can also process industrial and commercial forms of MDF waste, allowing manufacturers to take back material from their customers – a so called ‘closed loop’ solution.”

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