Palazzani for the Grand Egytian Museum

15 February 2018

2 tzx250 c eco grand museum cairo

The Grand Egytian Museum is being constructed on the edge of the first desert plateau between the pyramids and Cairo. 

The spectacular building will house 100,000 artefacts, some of which have never been shown in public.

The design of the museum utilises the 50m difference in ground level, created by the Nile as it carves its way through the desert to the Mediterranean. Set into the plateau, the museum is designed to integrate with its surroundings and is made using stone the same colour as the desert and transforms from day to night.

It will not only be a museum but a cultural complex of activities devoted to Egyptology and will contain 24,000 square metres of permanent exhibition space - almost four football fields in size, as well a a children’s museum, conference andeducation facilities, a large conservation centre and extensive gardens.

Collections in the museum will include Tutankhamen, which is currently housed in the Egyptian Museum in Cairo, and the Solar Boat, currently located beside the pyramids.

A Palazzani Ragno TZX 250 will take care of the indoor maintenance of the new museum. Delivered in October 2017, the machine is a crawler version and Eco (DC+AC) powered, allowing it operate from mains supply or battery.  

The stowed dimensions of the machine and its light weight of only 2.6 tonnes allows the machine to move everywhere, including entering elevators and operating on different floors, with 25.2m of maximum working height and 11.65m outreach.

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