Stage V emissions announcement expected soon

06 July 2012

European Stage V engine emissions legislation is expected to be announced in a consultation document from European Commission at the end of July).

The proposal will include new limits for off-road diesel engines rated under 19kW and over 560kW, as well for spark ignition (petrol) engines - engines that have not been covered by engine legislation to date.

New, stricter limits will also be introduced for the 19kW to 37kW diesel engine power band, as well as the announcement of Stage V. According to the Committee for European Construction Equipment (CECE), no particulate number limits will be fixed yet for Stage V.

CECE also expects new limits for constant speed engines and stationary engines to be announced.

After the July proposal, the legislation will be discussed on 19 September at an extended stakeholders meeting which CECE will attend in order to express the industry's position on the announcements.

After this consultation, the Commission will carry out an impact assessment and launch a proposal to the European Parliament and Council, most probably by the end of 2012 or beginning of 2013.

Currently, European emissions laws for off-road diesel engines rated between 56kW and 560kW are at Stage IIIB - requiring a further 90% reduction in particulate matter (PM) along with a 50% drop in nitrogen oxides (NOx) compared to the previous Stage. Stage IIIB limits for 37kW to 56kW engines will be introduced at the start of next year.

In 2014, new Stage IV laws will come into force in the EU, taking PM and NOx emissions to near-zero levels.

It is widely felt in some parts of the industry that one area of focus for any law introduced after 2014 could be CO2 emissions.

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