Video illustrates anti-crushing device

By Maria Hadlow17 July 2012

A video highlighting the need for anti crushing devices to be fitted to powered access machines is now available for viewing on AFI-Uplift's newly-launched WorkZone website at

WorkZone has produced the video to illustrate how its SanctuaryZone device can save lives. The video shows an operator carrying out machine checks before elevating his platform to begin work. However as the platform rises, the operator is unaware of a steel beam above him and the video demonstrates that he would have been crushed had SanctuaryZone not been fitted.

As well as featuring SanctuaryZone, the new WorkZone website also covers the SmartZone device that controls and monitors the use of powered access, and the KeyZone unit, which prevents unauthorised use.

You can also see this video on Access International's Facebook page along with Niftylift's SiOPS anti entrapment system and a link to Nationwide Platform's SkySiren.

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