Hinowa's new Orchidea lift 21.11

28 June 2010

As its name suggest the Orchidea Lift 21.11 has a working height of 21 m and an 11 m out reach. However, Italy-based Hinowa’s new Orchidea Lift 21.11 aerial platform also includes a plethora of features such as hydraulically variable stabilization, designed to make operation and maintenance safe, simple and easy. Other features include automatic stabilization on inclinations up to 5°, “in shape” rotation with anti-collision control between the structure, the chassis, the cabin and the outriggers, JIB arm, basket rotation and an interactive operator display. There also a global tracking system, lubrication-free pins, acceleration and deceleration control on all movements, emergency descent and a double pantograph lifting system. There also a 220 volt electric motor, maintenance free auto-restoring fuses on the control boards, stabilized outrigger lights, a planarity control spirit level, which automatically controls and prohibits the use of the aerial part if the chassis is not perfectly horizontal, an "operator on board" pedal that prohibits operation unless the machine is manned, and a 200 kg capacity.

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