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Scottish tower block falls to implosive demolition
A redundant 17-storey tower block in Greenock, Scotland, has been successfully brought down by the controlled use of explosives, under the watchful eye of specialist consulting engineers RVA Group.
Freeley clears way for Liverpool hospital development
J Freeley has completed a five month demolition contract on the site of the Royal Liverpool University Hospital, including asbestos removal and civil engineering work
Blowing in the wind - odour emission control in Italy
Following demolition of an oil refinery in La Spezia, Italy, General Smontaggi has been engaged in an extensive ground remediation programme. D&Ri reports
Diving force - underwater demoltion solution
Hand held demolition tools supplied a solution for an underwater demolition challenge for divers from TAI (Taucher, Atemschutz, Industriearbeiten) GmbH. D&Ri reports
UK shopping mall falls to Brokk demolition robot
UK contractor John Stacy & Sonsused a Brokk demolition robot during demolition/refurbishment work at the Basingstoke Malls shopping centre in the UK
Chemical clearance coordinated by RVA
RVA Group has been managing the clearance of two chemical process plants in the UK belonging to INEOS ChlorVinyls
IndEx's Dick Green - a busy year for demolition blowdowns
Dick Green, MD of UK-based IndEx Independent Explosives Engineers Limited, looks back on the first 12 months of his new company. Despite the challenging economic climate he has been busier than ever, and has been involved with more than a dozen blowdowns in the UK and abroad
Fischer meets Lorch bridge demolition challenge
Demolition of the B297 road bridge over the B29 Federal highway created a challenge for FWA Fischer, the contractor awarded the job
Demolition goes to the movies - Warner Brothers studio redevelopment
Seven stage sets used for the Harry Potter and James Bond motion pictures are facing being dismantled as part of a studio refurbishment programme
Demolition robots build a solid foundation in County Durham
Three demolition robots were used by Gnat UK to dig foundation trenches during remodelling of a County Durham store
Rio de Janeiro's Maracanã Stadium is reborn
In Brazil, one of the most revered football stadiums in the world is undergoing reconstruction, at an accelerated pace, in time for the 2014 World Cup. Leonardo Bastos reports for D&Ri
NASDI remodels Harvard University's Fogg Museum
US contractor NASDI is carrying out a selective demolition project at Harvard University's Fogg Museum on the university’s Cambridge, Massachusetts, campus
Brazilian World Cup stadium regeneration
Atlas Copco pulverisers were used to demolish and process waste during the redevelopment of the Fonte Nova stadium in time for the 2014 World Cup in Brazil
Heatwaves comes to an end - Merseyside leisure centre demolished
The Heatwaves Leisure Centre on Merseyside, UK, was brought down by Manchester-based J Freeley Ltd during a challenging demolition
Palazzani helps Hastings secure pier
Hastings Pier, located in the south of England, suffered an arson attack in October 2010 and the structure became a danger to the public. Remedial work was urgently needed to make it safe while awaiting a final decision regarding its future.
Suspended belief - extreme chimney demolition in Austria
Contractor Felbermayr recently brought down a 100-year-old brick-built chimney in Wels, Austria, using a mini excavator suspended from an all terrain crane
Despe awarded 2010 Demolition Contract of the Year
The Piacenza-Lodi bridge project meant a tight deadline, challenging working conditions, major environmental limitations and a damaged structure that restricted the techniques that could be used
US Navy seeks new ship breaking techniques
The US Navy is looking for established 'new' technologies that would help reduce emissions to the environment during ship breaking/demolition activities
A nuclear challenge at Marble Hill, Indiana
The only nuclear facility in the US state of Indiana, Marble Hill, is being cleared to make way for redevelopment
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