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IRN launches The Rental Book
International Rental News (IRN) is publishing The Rental Book, a compendium of information and resources for the world's equipment rental companies. The directory is available as a free download or as a paper version to buy.
Grow even as markets decline? Will Leftwich and Michael Bellenger explain.
Even in a recession there are opportunities for rental companies to grow, whether through diversification, internationalisation or by using franchising arrangements. Will Leftwich and Michael Bellenger of Will Leftwich Associates outline the opportunities.
KDM Hire launches temperature control division
Northern Ireland rental company KDM Hire has launched a new temperature control rental division called K Therm, specialising in renting heaters, dryers and cooling equipment.
Speedy embarks on major reorganisation
Speedy Hire in the UK has embarked on a major reorganisation to adapt to changing market conditions and dynamics, including the elimination of its product specific divisions and a refocusing on business with major accounts.
Andrews Sykes signs up with erento
Andrews Sykes is the latest UK rental company to sign up with the online rental website erento. The temperature control and pump rental specialist joins HSS Hire and Hire Station, which signed up with erento last year.
Comment: Hewden's Jeff Schofield says stay loyal to your favoured brands
Last week I learnt via an eminent BBC economic journalist, Ewan Davies, who was delivering a presentation to the Chartered Institute of Marketing, that during a downturn, consumers become more nostalgic and a key behavioural change is that they drink more tea than coffee.
HSS publishes first 'corporate responsibility' report
HSS Hire in the UK has published its first Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) report highlighting the work it is doing to help local communities and detailing its effort towards minimising its environmental impact.
System Lift offers help with jobs in public places
System Lift, the German access rental partnership organisation, is offering a package of practical help and advice to operatives who are using its members' equipment in public places.
Hewden reorganises as revenues fall
Hewden is restructuring its operations in the UK, replacing the current five-region and five product divisions with a simple, three-region structure that will rent all products.
Hertz increases rental prices by up to 10%
Hertz said its equipment rental business will increasing its short term rental rates by 10%, with a 5% increase on long term deals. The company reported similar increases in its prices for car rentals. Hertz said pre-negotiated contract rates would not be affected by the increases.
Jeff Eisenberg looks at the financial performance of IRN-100 companies
Last year was a good one for most of the companies in the IRN-100 listing, and even some interim results for 2008 were reporting some decent numbers. But, as IRN’s finance correspondent Jeff Eisenberg reports, there are clear signs of the changing economic environment.
Offshore renters trial 'virtual asset pool' technology
The prospect of rental companies and customers sharing ‘real time’ data on their equipment is now a reality following a successful trial in August involving two oil and gas service companies, Swire Oilfield Services and Aker Solutions.
Patrick Hill reports on rental fleet disposal strategies
Selling used equipment is an essential and everyday part of the equipment rental business. Patrick Hill talks to major rental companies in the UK, Scandinavia, Japan and the US about how they manage the asset disposal process.
Rental starts working on the theft problem
Theft of equipment is a problem wherever you go in the world, but there are now signs of a growing partnership between manufacturers, rental companies and trade associations to combat the problem. Dan Gilkes reports.
Ramirent sponsors 2009 ice hockey world championship
Ramirent will be one of the official sponsors of the 2009 IIHF ice hockey world championship taking place in Switzerland in April-May next year.
Offshore renters trial 'virtual asset pool'
Two offshore rental and service companies have successfully trialed technology that will allow them to track each other’s fleets in real time, creating a kind of ‘virtual asset pool’.
Loxam chooses Qualcomm as its telematics solution
Loxam is fitting Qualcomm’s GlobalTRACS telematics system to its equipment fleet, starting with its heavy equipment division.
New Holland clarifies position on dealer-rentals
New Holland has clarified its position on the development of dealer-led rental operations in Europe. The company said its dealers will be offering rental as part of a package of services in support of their primary sales activity and not as a pure rental service offering such as that provided by Cat Rental Stores.
BM Location's Thierry Robert explains the company's strategy.
Bergerat Monnoyeur Location, the French Cat Rental Store, has started to expand, and not just in France. Murray Pollok met BM's Alain Rosaz and Thierry Robert.
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