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Current Reports Available

  • ACT-specialized-transport-2019


    ACT’s 15th annual ranking of North America’s largest specialized transportation companies.

  • ICM20-2019-3x2

    IC M20 2019: Keeping it up

    Building on last year’s return to growth, the 2019 ICM20 ranking of the world’s largest crane manufacturers by revenue is up strongly. ICST reports

  • GCG2020-3x2

    Global Construction Guide 2020

    New product reveals the top companies in all of construction’s main markets

  • ALH-Toplist-Covers-2019-1

    ALH A20 2019

    For the first time in 10 years, the AERIALS20 shows a slight decline in North American access rental fleets. ALH reports.

  • 154175_cla50_440351

    CLA50 2019

    Grandes cambios se reflejan en la industria de la construcción latinoamericana.

  • ICT-Towers-2019-3x2

    ICT Towers 2019

    Continuing along the same path as in the last few years, the 2019 IC Tower Index once again shows strong growth. ICST reports

  • CE-100-1

    CE100 2019

    The top five contractors in Europe hold firm as a strong European economy prevails, but UK and Spanish companies slip a few places

  • IRN-Rental-Tracker-Jun-2019-3x2

    IRN Rental Tracker 2019

    Optimism among European rental companies has moderated compared to recent highs but remains positive overall, with utilisation rates stable or increasing and investment levels maintained. Thomas Allen reports on the ERA/IRN RentalTracker for Q1 2019

  • DP-40th-Annual-Engine-Yearbook-3x2

    Diesel Progress 40th Annual Engine Year Book

    40 Years: The Engine Yearbook started small. By Mike Osenga

  • DGTWW-Turbine-Specs-At-A-Glance-2019-3x2

    2019 Turbine Specs-at-a-glance

    Turbine Specs-At-A-Glance is a comprehensive listing of turbine specs, including gas turbines and steam turbines in mechanical and electric generator drive applications.

  • Diesel-Progress-Engines-Specs-at-a-Glance-2019-2020

    Diesel Progress Engines Specs-at-a-glance 2019-2020

    Engine Specs-At-A-Glance is a comprehensive listing of Engine Specs, including the horse power output of Diesel, Gasoline and Gaseous Fuel engines

  • CT2-Packager-Guide-2019-3x2

    Packager Guide 2019

    A listing of global compressor packagers, along with primary contact information, types of compressors offered and the capacity range of the packages the produce.

  • CT2-Engine-Specs-at-a-Glance-2019

    2019 Engine Specs-at-a-glance

    A quick-reference guide and ratings for diesel or heavy-fuel, gaseous-fuel and dual fueled engines.

  • CT2-Compresser-Specs-at-a-Glance-2019-3-x2

    CT2 Compressor Specs-at-a-glance 2019

    A comprehensive listing of basic specifications for centrifugal compressors, reciprocating/rotary compressors and turboexpanders.

  • Construction-Technology-Jul-Aug-2019

    Construction Technology Jul-Aug 2019

    Engines are traditionally the beating heart of every machine, but what does the future look like for this all-important component? Joe Sargent investigates the future of machine power

  • Construction-Technology-Jan-Feb-2019

    Construction Technology Jan-Feb 2019

    Virtual and augmented reality are already being used in the construction industry but, as Neil Ford discovers, their usage is only going to increase in the future

  • Acceso-Motorizado-2019-(CLA-Spanish-Access-special-issue)

    Acceso Motorizado LATINOAMÉRICA

    Skyjack presentó su nuevo elevador de tijera para terrenos difíciles durante la exhibición de la American Rental Association (entre el 17 y 20 de febrero).

  • Acceso-Motorizado-2019-(CLA-Portuguese-Access-special-issue)

    Acesso Motorizado AMÉRICA LATINA

    Skyjack apresentou uma nova tesoura para terrenos difíceis na exibição de máquinas da American Rental Association (ocorrida entre 17 e 20 de fevereiro).

  • 2019-20-Global-Diesel-Emissions-Regulations-at-a-Glance-from-DP

    2019-20 Global Diesel Emissions Regulations-at-a-Glance from DP

    For more information on specific emissions levels and the various standards

  • CECE-Annual-Economic-Report-2019

    CECE Annual Economic Report 2019

    European construction equipment remains on the growth path

  • IC-T50-2019-3x2

    IC-T50 2019

    Lots of change that’s largely positive. ICST reports the 15th Transport 50 listing of the companies with the largest specialized transport equipment fleets

  • ALH-T30-2019-3x2

    ALH-T30 Telehandlers 2019

    The North American telehandler market is thriving. With double-digit growth on our annual TELEHANDLER30 listing, the rental industry’s versatile equipment shows no signs of slowing down. Lindsey Anderson reports.

  • ACT-Specialised-Lifting-50-2019-3x2


    The annual ACT SPECIALIZEDLIFTING50 continues to tiptoe upwards as companies add equipment and capacity. Hannah Sundermeyer reports.

  • ACT-Tower-Cranes-50-2019-3x2

    ACT Tower Cranes 50 2019

    The annual ACTTOWERCRANE50 top list continues to mature. Hannah Sundermeyer reports.

  • ACT-Sourcebook-2019-3x2

    ACT Sourcebook 2019

    KHL is the largest and most-respected provider of international information for the construction and power sectors.

  • Access50-2017-3x2

    Access50 Rental Fleets 2019

    Find out what’s new in the fast-changing global MEWP rental sector. This year’s access50 listing of the world’s largest access rental companies, ranked by fleet size, is as illuminating as ever.

  • ICon-200-2019-3x2

    ICON-200 2019

    The latest league table of the world’s biggest construction contractors reflects what has been another positive year for the construction industry. With the Chinese government still investing in infrastructure domestically and externally through the One Belt One Road Initiative, China-based contractors once again dominate the list, reports Andy Brown

  • AI-ALH-Interview-Report-2019-1

    Access Industry Interview Report 2018-2019

    This collection of 25 exclusive interviews from the pages of Access International and Access Lift & Handlers  over the last year

  • NPP-July-2019

    NPP July 2019

    New Power Progress supplements inform readers on the latest products and technology in electrification, hybrids, batteries and new powertrain technologies. It is the source for the latest news in this fast-growing segment of the global stationary and mobile equipment markets.

  • IC-50-2019-3x2

    IC50 Cranes 2019

    While development overall remains positive, things have slowed down again in many aspects of this year’s IC50 ranking of the world’s largest crane-owning companies

  • IRN-100-2019-3x2

    IRN100 2019

    With a number of new entrants from North America, IRN100 revenues in 2018 are up more than 10%. Thomas Allen reports

  • DRI-100-2019-3x2

    D&RI100 2019

    This year’s listing of global contractors by turnover finds an industry building on the confidence it has gained during the past 12 months.

  • AI-M20-2019-3x2

    AI-M50 2019

    AI ’s annual listing of the world’s largest access equipment manufacturers, shown by revenue, includes some outstanding results th is year.

  • ACT-100-2019-3x2

    ACT100 2019

    American Cranes & Transport presents its 14th annual ACT100 Index of North America’s top crane-owning companies.

  • DRI_Buyers_Guide_2019-20 Cover

    D&Ri Buyers’ Guide 2019-2020

    The D&RI Buyers’ guide is the sole worldwide listing of tools and equipment for the demolition and C & D Waste recycling industry.

  • ICON-Yellow-Table-2019

    ICON Yellow Table 2019

    Following on from last year’s strong results, the Yellow Table reports an increase in sales for the world’s leading equipment manufacturers, although at a lower level than last year

  • NPP-March-2019

    NPP March 2019

    New Power Progress supplements inform readers on the latest products and technology in electrification, hybrids, batteries and new powertrain technologies. It is the source for the latest news in this fast-growing segment of the global stationary and mobile equipment markets.

  • ALH-M20-2019-3x2

    ALH-M20 2019

    A massive partnership propels one of the M20’s long-standing top five players into the number one position. ALH reports on the market.

  • IRN 06 2019 IRN100 Extended version cover

    IRN100 Extended Edition 2019 list

    Extended version of IRN’s league table of the top 100 rental companies in the world, which includes comment on individual companies and further graphical analysis

  • wcgfrontcover500x500_853184

    World Crane Guide 2018-19

    The most comprehensive crane reference guide in the world. KHL’s World Crane Guide is produced by International Cranes and Specialized Transport from data supplied by crane manufacturers and is the definitive reference source for equipment buyers in the crane and lifting industry

  • Front Cover

    Access Yearbook 2018-19

    KHL Group’s The Access Yearbook 2018-19 provides information on suppliers and equipment used in the global access sector, along with full market information.

  • Yellow Book 2018 Front Cover-500x500

    The Yellow Book 2018-19

    KHL Group’s The Yellow Book 2018-19 contains details of more than 6000 pieces of construction equipment available throughout the world listed in critical factor order.

  • CEBMR 18 Front Cover

    Construction Europe Business & Market Report 2018

    CONSTRUCTION EUROPE BUSINESS & MARKET REPORT 2018 The latest definitive guide to the European construction sector.

  • IRN-100-Extended-Version-2018-1

    IRN100 Extended Edition 2018

    IRN100 revenues in 2017 are up 8% like-for-like, confirming the positive mood in the industry. Joe Malone reports.

  • Access-Year-Book-2019

    Access Yearbook 2017

    The Access Yearbook 2017 provides information on suppliers and equipment used in the global access sector, along with full market information.

  • Access50-2017-3x2

    Access Rental Fleet 50 2017

    It’s been a dramatic year for the access50, thanks to a raft of acquisitions and a strong showing in the sector overall.